BirthdayOctober 17, 1864

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  1. About Elinor Glyn

    Full name: Elinor Glyn
    Also known as: Elinor Glyn, Elinor Sutherland Glyn, Glyn, Elinor
    Professions: British novelist and scriptwriter
    Nationality: English
    Occupation: Novelist and scriptwriter

  2. Elinor Glyn Known for

    It (1927), Beyond the Rocks (1922), The Only Thing (1925), His Hour (1924)

  3. Elinor Glyn Death information

    Died: Thursday, 23rd of September, 1943 (Age: 78)

  4. Elinor Glyn Biography

    Elinor Glyn, née Sutherland (b. 17 October 1864 – d. 23 September 1943), was a British novelist and scriptwriter who specialised in romantic fiction which was considered scandalous for its time. She popularized the concept of It. Although her works are relatively tame by modern standards, she had tremendous influence on early 20th century popular culture and perhaps on the careers of notable Hollywood stars such as Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow in particular.

  5. Elinor Glyn Family

    Spouse: Clayton Louis Glyn
    Childrens: Margot Elinor Glyn and Juliet Evangeline Glyn

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