BirthdayDecember 17, 1980
BirthplaceLincolnville, USA

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  1. About Eli Pariser

    Full name: Eli Pariser
    Also known as: Eli Pariser, Pariser, Eli
    Education: Bard College at Simon's Rock
    Professions: American activist
    Occupation: Activist and author

  2. Eli Pariser Known for

    Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013), The Internet Must Go (2013), The Story (2009), The Real McCain (2008)

  3. Eli Pariser Biography

    Eli Pariser (born December 17, 1980) is the chief executive of Upworthy, a website for "meaningful" viral content. He is a left-wing political and internet activist, the board president of and a co-founder of

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