BirthdayFebruary 8, 1916
BirthplaceTampere, Finland

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  1. About Eila Pennanen

    Full name: Eila Pennanen
    Also known as: Eila Pennanen, Pennanen, Eila
    Professions: Finnish writer and translator

  2. Eila Pennanen Death information

    Died: Sunday, 23rd of January, 1994 (Age: 77)

  3. Eila Pennanen Biography

    S├Ąde Eila Talvikki Pennanen (February 8, 1916, Tampere - 23 January 1994, Tampere) was a Finnish writer, critic, essayist, and translator. A key contributor to nurturing Finnish literature, she published approximately twenty novels and a number of short stories and plays. She worked for 40 years as a literary critic and wrote essays for magazines. Pennanen translated a hundred books, trained translators, and lectured.

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