BirthdayJuly 4, 1895

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  1. About Edward Harvey

    Full name: Edward Harvey
    Also known as: Edward Harvey, Harvey, Edward
    Professions: British Naval admiral

  2. Edward Harvey Known for

    Cat Girl (1957), The Unstoppable Man (1961), The First Gentleman (1961), No Hiding Place (1959)

  3. Edward Harvey Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 4th of April, 1865 (Age: 30)

  4. Edward Harvey Biography

    Admiral Sir Edward Harvey, GCB was an officer of the Royal Navy during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and continued in the service during the first half of the nineteenth century during which he participated in the bombardment of Acre in 1840. Harvey was the son of John Harvey an officer killed in action at the Glorious First of June and was related to several senior officers of the period in the distinguished Harvey family. A great-grandson, Francis Harvey won the Victoria Cross in 1916, sacrificing himself to save over 1,000 lives.

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