BirthdayDecember 7, 1963

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  1. About Eduardo de la Puente

    Full name: Eduardo de la Puente
    Also known as: Eduardo de la Puente, De La Puente, Eduardo, Eduardo De La Puente, Puente, Eduardo de la
    Professions: Argentine businessman and journalist

  2. Eduardo de la Puente Biography

    Eduardo de la Puente (b. December 7, 1963, in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine journalist and television presenter. He is perhaps most famous for his participation in the popular television show Caiga Quien Caiga broadcast on Telefé.De la Puente has worked as a producer and presenter in radio and television since the early 1980s. De la Puente was born in La Boca . He began her journalism career in program "El destape de Quilmes". He was a data musical redactor for the program "El puente". Then he was screenwriter and producer of "Música de cañerías" and "Los especiales de la Rock & Pop", artistic director of "FM Tropical" and conductor, producer and musical arranger of "Los especiales de Radio City", "La Rockola", "Con gusto a radio", "Boomerang" and "Parece mentira". Married with Ana Maria with which have an only son, Martin. Lives in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentine.He makes up the program "¿Cuál es?" with Mario Pergolini and Marcelo Gantman.

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