BirthdayJanuary 13, 1940
BirthplaceCincinnati, USA

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  1. About Edmund White

    Full name: Edmund White
    Also known as: Edmund White, White, Edmund
    Professions: American novelist
    Occupation: Novelist, short stories, non-fiction

  2. Edmund White Known for

    The Joy of Disco (2012), Sex Positive (2008), Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open (2012), La traversée du désir (2009)

  3. Edmund White Biography

    Edmund Valentine White III (born January 13, 1940) is an American novelist, as well as a writer of memoirs and an essayist on literary and social topics. Much of his writing is on the theme of same-sex love. Probably his best-known books are The Joy of Gay Sex (1977) (written with Charles Silverstein) and his trio of autobiographic novels, A Boy's Own Story (1982), The Beautiful Room Is Empty (1988) and The Farewell Symphony (1997).

  4. Edmund White Family

    Spouse: Michael Carroll (American writer)

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