BirthdayNovember 4, 1982
BirthplaceTemecula, USA

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  1. About Eddie Sanchez

    Full name: Eddie Sanchez
    Also known as: Eddie Sanchez, Sanchez, Eddie, The Manic Hispanic
    Professions: American martial artist

  2. Eddie Sanchez Measurements

    Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
    Weight: 97.07

  3. Eddie Sanchez Known for

    UFC 79: Nemesis (2007), UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn (2006), UFC 67: All or Nothing (2007), UFC 85: Bedlam (2008)

  4. Eddie Sanchez Biography

    Eduardo Arturo Sanchez (born November 4, 1982) is an American professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Heavyweight division. He has competed for the UFC, Bellator, Titan FC, and King of the Cage.

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