BirthdayApril 28, 1955

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  1. About Eddie Jobson

    Full name: Eddie Jobson
    Also known as: Eddie Jobson, Jobson, Eddie
    Professions: Composer, Music Department, Actor
    Work: Glo Label
    Occupation: Musician, composer, producer

  2. Eddie Jobson Known for

    Nash Bridges (1996), Brother Bear (2003), The Haunted Mansion (2003), Women vs. Men (2002)

  3. Eddie Jobson Biography

    Edwin "Eddie" Jobson (born 28 April 1955) is an English keyboardist and violinist noted for his use of synthesizers. He has been a member of several progressive rock bands, including Curved Air, Roxy Music, U.K., Jethro Tull and Yes. He was also part of Frank Zappa's band in 1976-77. Aside from his keyboard work Jobson has also gained acclaim for his violin playing.

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