BirthdayMay 3, 1965

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  1. About Ebine Yamaji

    Full name: Ebine Yamaji
    Also known as: Ebine Yamaji, Yamaji, Ebine
    Professions: Manga artist

  2. Ebine Yamaji Biography

    Ebine Yamaji (??????) is a Japanese manga artist who has created several works with a lesbian theme. These include Indigo Blue, the story of a young author discovering her sexuality, Free Soul, and Love My Life. Several of her works were serialized in the josei magazines Feel Young (published by Shodensha) and the now defunct Young You. Although some of her works have been published in France, none of them have been officially released in English.Her debut work was the short story "Sankakukei no dessert", published in Monthly LaLa in November 1984.A live-action version of Love My Life was released in Japan in January 2007.

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