BirthdayFebruary 28, 1880
BirthplaceSacramento, USA

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  1. About Earle Williams

    Full name: Earle Williams
    Also known as: Earle Williams, Williams, Earle
    Professions: Actor, Writer, Director

  2. Earle Williams Death information

    Died: Monday, 25th of April, 1927 (Age: 47)

  3. Earle Williams Biography

    Earle Williams (born February 28, 1880 in Sacramento, California - d. April 25, 1927 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California) was a silent film star.Vitagraph company's leading man in the 1910s, Earle Williams was voted America's number one star in 1915, starting his career on stage as a teenager, the year he made perhaps his most popular film of all, The Juggernaut. Vitagraph wrecked a real train in this action melodrama, which co-starred Williams with his most frequent leading lady, Anita Stewart. They were also teamed in the studio's earliest and perhaps most famous entry in the then-popular serial genre, The Goddess in 1915, and Williams made a dashing gentleman thief in Vitagraph's 1917 version of the ever popular Arsene Lupin. He continued his popularity streak into the 1920s, often portraying stalwart military heroes. Williams' early death was attributed to bronchial pneumonia. He was forty-seven years old.

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