BirthdaySeptember 17, 1962
BirthplaceSaigon, Vietnam

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  1. About Dustin Nguyen

    Full name: Dustin Nguyen
    Also known as: Dustin Nguyen, Nguyen, Dustin
    Professions: Actor, Producer, Director
    Occupation: Martial artist

  2. Dustin Nguyen Measurements

    Height: 5' 7ΒΌ" (1.71 m)

  3. Dustin Nguyen Known for

    21 Jump Street (1987), 22 Jump Street (2014), V.I.P. (1998), Game of Assassins (2013)

  4. Dustin Nguyen Biography

    After escaping from Vietnam with his family on the day Saigon fell in 1975, Dustin Nguyen (pronounced "win") went on to establish himself as one of Hollywood's premiere Asian-American actors, having starred on such hit shows as 21 Jump Street (1987), SeaQuest 2032 (1993), as well as feature films. Of noteworthy is Nguyen landing the much coveted ...

  5. Dustin Nguyen Family

    Spouse: Angela Rockwood

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