BirthdaySeptember 20, 1946
BirthplaceHaifa, Palestine

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  1. About Dudu Topaz

    Full name: Dudu Topaz
    Also known as: Dudu Topaz, Topaz, Dudu
    Professions: Israeli comedian
    Occupation: Actor and TV personality

  2. Dudu Topaz Death information

    Died: Thursday, 20th of August, 2009 (Age: 62)

  3. Dudu Topaz Biography

    Dudu Topaz (Hebrew: ???? ?????; September 20, 1946 – August 20, 2009) was an Israeli TV personality, comedian, actor, screenwriter, playwright, author and radio and television host. In August 2009 he committed suicide during his arrest, after being criminally charged with conspiring violence against prominent media figures in Israel.

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