BirthdayDecember 4, 1962

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  1. About Dmitriy Rudovskiy

    Full name: Dmitriy Rudovskiy
    Professions: Producer

  2. Dmitriy Rudovskiy Known for

    9th Company (2005), Molodezhka (2013), Stalingrad (2013), Obitaemyy ostrov (2009)

  3. Dmitriy Rudovskiy Biography

    Dmitriy Rudovskiy is a well-known Russian film and TV producer, co-founder of Art Pictures Group company, director and journalist. Born on December 4, 1962 in Moscow. In 1986 Dmitriy graduated from MSLU and afterwards from the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and directors (A.Thorstensen and O. Korvyakov). In the following years Dmitriy held ...

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