BirthdayJanuary 3, 1900

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  1. About Dimitri Kipiani

    Full name: Dimitri Kipiani
    Also known as: Dimitri Kipiani, Dmitri Kipiani, Kipiani, Dmitri
    Professions: Georgian writer and noble

  2. Dimitri Kipiani Death information

    Died: Monday, 24th of October, 1887 (Age: 12)

  3. Dimitri Kipiani Biography

    Prince Dimitri Ivanes dze Kipiani (Georgian: ??????? ??????? alternatively spelled as Qipiani) (April 14, 1814 – October 24, 1887) was a Georgian statesman, publicist, writer and translator. A leader of Georgia's liberal nobility, he was known for his work in support of the Georgian culture and society, a cause that led to his 1886 exile and murder at the hands of Russian Imperial authorities. In 2007 he was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church as a saint.

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