BirthdayJanuary 31, 0
BirthplaceThompson, Canada

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  1. About Deven Green

    Full name: Deven Green
    Also known as: Deven Green, Green, Deven
    Professions: Actress, Sound Department, Director
    Occupation: Comedienne

  2. Deven Green Known for

    Blades of Glory (2007), Ice Princess (2005), Just Friends (2005), Phoenix (2006)

  3. Deven Green Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesDeven Green (born January 31) is a comedian, performer, and musician. She is best known for her award-winning video comedy parodies (BEST YOUTUBE winner, December 2013 at the World of Wonder WOWIE awards ceremony), satires as Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian" and as the spokesmodel for OCCmakeup's 2014 Spring Collection "Plastic Passion" and OCCmakeup's 2014 Fall/Winter Collection "Unknown Pleasures."

  4. Deven Green Family

    Spouse: Joel Bryant

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