BirthdayAugust 18, 1946
BirthplaceFresno, USA

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  1. About Derryl Cousins

    Full name: Derryl Cousins
    Also known as: Derryl Cousins, Cousins, Derryl
    Professions: Major League Baseball umpire
    Occupation: Former MLB umpire

  2. Derryl Cousins Measurements

    Height: 1.83
    Weight: 92.99

  3. Derryl Cousins Biography

    Derryl Cousins (born August 18, 1946) is a former umpire in Major League Baseball (MLB). He worked in the American League (AL) from 1979 to 1999, and umpired throughout both leagues from 2000 until his retirement following the 2012 season. Cousins was hired as a replacement umpire during the 1979 Major League Umpires Strike and was the last 1979 replacement umpire to officiate in the league at the time of his retirement.

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