BirthdayNovember 29, 1929
BirthplaceLondon, UK

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  1. About Derek Jameson

    Full name: Derek Jameson
    Also known as: Derek Jameson, Jameson, Derek
    Professions: English journalist
    Work: Editor of the News of the World
    Occupation: Journalist, and after dinner speaker

  2. Derek Jameson Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 12th of September, 2012 (Age: 82)
    Death cause: Heart attack

  3. Derek Jameson Biography

    Derek Jameson (29 November 1929 – 12 September 2012) was a British tabloid journalist and broadcaster.Beginning his career in the media at the lowest possible level in 1944 at Reuters, he worked his way up the career ladder to become the editor of several British tabloid newspapers in the 1970s and 1980s. Later, he was a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 2 for nearly a decade and a half, including an on-air partnership with Ellen, his third wife, and became a familiar television personality.He was described, when his profile was at its highest, as "the second most famous man in Britain - after Prince Charles" by Auberon Waugh.

  4. Derek Jameson Family

    Spouse: Jackie, Pauline, Ellen Petrie

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