BirthdayApril 3, 1946

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  1. About Dee Murray

    Full name: Dee Murray
    Also known as: Dee Murray, Murray, Dee
    Professions: Actor, Music Department, Soundtrack
    Occupation: Backing vocalist, bassist

  2. Dee Murray Known for

    Tommy (1975), Friends (1971), Ringo (1978), Elton John in Central Park New York (1981)

  3. Dee Murray Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 15th of January, 1992 (Age: 45)

  4. Dee Murray Biography

    Dee Murray was born on April 3, 1946 in Southgate, London, England. He is known for his work on Tommy (1975), Friends (1971) and Ringo (1978). He died on January 15, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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