BirthdayDecember 0, 1985

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  1. About David Purviance

    Full name: David Purviance
    Also known as: David Purviance, Purviance, David
    Professions: Visual Effects, Editor

  2. David Purviance Known for

    Lovely Louise (2013), Das Zimmer im Spiegel (2009), The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle (2008), München in Indien (2013)

  3. David Purviance Death information

    Died: Friday, 1st of January, 1847 (Age: 137)

  4. David Purviance Biography

    David Purviance, November 14, 1766 – August 19, 1847, was a member of the Kentucky legislature, a member of the Ohio legislature, and an important early leader in the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. He was also an early trustee (1819-1836) of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and often served as its president pro tempore.

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