BirthdayJanuary 23, 1905
BirthplaceCarthage, USA

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  1. About David Newell

    Full name: David Newell
    Also known as: David Newell, Newell, David
    Professions: Make Up Department, Actor
    Occupation: Actor

  2. David Newell Measurements

    Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)

  3. David Newell Known for

    Lassie (1954), The Great Locomotive Chase (1956), Dangerous Assignment (1952), The Phantom Planet (1961)

  4. David Newell Biography

    David Newell (born November 24, 1938) is a television actor known primarily for his portrayal of Mr. McFeely, the delivery man on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His character's most famous catchphrase was "Speedy Delivery!" This was Newell's major role, but not his only one, as he appeared in small film and TV parts throughout the years. He tours the country to this day, promoting Mister Rogers' Neighborhood as Mr. McFeely.Newell was born in O'Hara Township, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he is the director of public relations for Family Communications, Inc. Newell now resides in Pittsburgh. He used to be an English teacher at Wilkinsburg Junior/Senior High school.Newell began his acting career at a theatre school known as the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Through connections made there, he eventually met Fred Rogers. Newell was originally hired onto the show as a public relations manager, but Rogers also cast him in the role of Mr. McFeely. As a result, he and Rogers became lifelong friends until Rogers' death in 2003.A documentary feature about Newell entitled Speedy Delivery, which chronicles his travels around the world as Mr. McFeely, debuted on public television in 2008.An animated version of Mr. McFeely will be a recurring character on the new PBS series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Canadian actor Derek McGrath will be voicing this beloved fictional postman.

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