BirthdayAugust 4, 1988
BirthplaceSaskatoon, Canada

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  1. About David Kaye

    Full name: David Kaye
    Also known as: David Kaye, Kaye, David
    Professions: Actor, Producer, Production Manager
    Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States
    Occupation: Voice actor/Announcer

  2. David Kaye Known for

    Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Legends of the Fall (1994), 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001), Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004)

  3. David Kaye Biography

    David V. Hope (born October 14, 1964), known professionally as David Kaye, is a Canadian actor who is most active in voice overs. His most recognized roles include Sesshomaru in the sh?nen anime InuYasha, Treize Khushrenada in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Megatron in five of the Transformers series (Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Energon, and Transformers: Cybertron), Cronus in Class of the Titans and Clank in the Ratchet & Clank series of video games.

  4. David Kaye Family

    Spouse: Maria Hope

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