BirthdayOctober 31, 1867
BirthplaceMadison, USA

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  1. About David Graham Phillips

    Full name: David Graham Phillips
    Also known as: David Graham Phillips, Phillips, David Graham
    Professions: American writer

  2. David Graham Phillips Known for

    " alt="Susan Lenox " src="[email protected]@._V1_UX148_CR0,0,148,200_AL_.jpg" class="wtw-option" data-tconst="tt0022453" data-watchtype="icon" data-baseref="nm_knf_i" itemprop="image" /> Susan Lenox (1931), Old Wives for New (1918), The Grain of Dust (1918), The Cost (1920)

  3. David Graham Phillips Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 24th of January, 1911 (Age: 43)

  4. David Graham Phillips Biography

    The son of a leading figure in 19th-century Madison, WI, David Graham Phillips first made his mark as a reporter in Cincinnati and New York (which included an editorial position at The New York World). Unjustly neglected today, Phillips achieved considerable fame as a muckraker, his most notable piece being "The Treason of the Senate", a series of ...

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