BirthdayMarch 28, 1919
BirthplaceHatton, Ceylon

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  1. About David Beaty

    Full name: David Beaty
    Also known as: David Beaty, Beaty,David
    Professions: American businessman

  2. David Beaty Biography

    For the British author, pilot, and psychologist (1911-1999), see Arthur David Beaty.David Beaty (born 26 October 1811) discovered oil at his home in Warren, Pennsylvania in 1875. He was reportedly searching for a deposit of natural gas that he could use to heat his home. After this discovery, Warren's economy became almost completely geared toward the production of oil, and later to the refining of oil.Warren still is home to Beaty Middle School, which operates partially on funds still available from David Beaty's estate.

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