BirthdayNovember 11, 1943
BirthplacePendleton, USA

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  1. About Dave Cockrum

    Full name: Dave Cockrum
    Also known as: Dave Cockrum, Cockrum, Dave
    Professions: Writer, Miscellaneous Crew
    Nationality: American
    Work: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes artist

  2. Dave Cockrum Known for

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011), X-Men (1992), X-Men (1992), X-Men (2000)

  3. Dave Cockrum Death information

    Died: Sunday, 26th of November, 2006 (Age: 63)

  4. Dave Cockrum Biography

    David Emmett Cockrum (November 11, 1943 – November 26, 2006) was an American comic book artist known for his co-creation of the new X-Men characters Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus. Cockrum was a prolific and inventive costume designer, who updated the uniforms of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and did the same for the new X-Men and many of their antagonists, in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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