BirthdayApril 16, 1962

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  1. About Darcy Antonellis

    Full name: Darcy Antonellis
    Also known as: Darcy Antonellis, Antonellis,Darcy
    Education: Temple University
    Professions: American businesswoman
    Nationality: American
    Work: CEO
    Occupation: Businesswoman

  2. Darcy Antonellis Biography

    Darcy Antonellis FSMPTE is an American businesswoman currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Vubiquity. The daughter of an engineer, Antonellis was born in Newark, New Jersey on April 16. She graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors in Electrical engineering in 1984, later undertaking a Masters degree in Finance at Fordham University, which she completed in 1996. She was the Head of Operations at the CBS News department in Washington, D.C., then becoming Vice President, Technical Operations in New York and finally Vice President, Technical and Olympic Operations, organising the CBS coverage of the 1998 Olympics and the two prior Olympic Games, also serving as Director of Operations in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the First Gulf War.In 1998 she moved to Warner Bros. as Senior Vice President, Distribution Technologies & Operations, receiving promotion to Executive Vice-President, Distribution Technologies & Operations in 2003. In 2004 she became Senior Vice-President for Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations, and oversaw the creation of the world's first corporate anti-piracy operation, to be headquartered in Burbank, California but with a presence in London, Germany, South America and Asia. In 2008, Antonellis became President of Warner BrosTechnical Operations reporting to Kevin Tsujihara and succeeding Chris Cookson. Her job was to oversee the supply chain, although she retained her previous anti-piracy jurisdiction. Antonellis joined Vubiquity as CEO in 2014. In 2003 Antonellis was made a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE); her alma mater, Temple University, has also recognised her achievements in engineering. She has also received two Emmy Awards, won a Technology Leadership Award in 2007, and has served as a manager of the Hollywood division of the SMPTE.

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