BirthdayMarch 27, 1930
BirthplaceGalati, Romania

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  1. About Daniel Spoerri

    Full name: Daniel Spoerri
    Also known as: Daniel Spoerri, Spoerri, Daniel
    Professions: Director, Actor

  2. Daniel Spoerri Biography

    Daniel Spoerri (born 27 March 1930 in Gala?i) is a Swiss artist and writer born in Romania. Spoerri is best known for his "snare-pictures," a type of assemblage or object art, in which he captures a group of objects, such as the remains of meals eaten by individuals, including the plates, silverware and glasses, all of which are fixed to the table or board, which is then displayed on a wall. He also is widely acclaimed for his book, Topographie Anécdotée* du Hasard (An Anecdoted Topography of Chance), a literary analog to his snare-pictures, in which he mapped all the objects located on his table at a particular moment, describing each with his personal recollections evoked by the object.

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