BirthdayDecember 0, 1962
BirthplaceBucharest, Romania

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  1. About Dan Bittman

    Full name: Dan Bittman
    Also known as: Dan Bittman, Bittman, Dan
    Professions: Romanian singer
    Work: Winner of Selecţia Naţională

  2. Dan Bittman Biography

    Dan Bittman (Romanian pronunciation: [?dan ?bitman]; born 29 March 1962, Bucharest) is a Romanian singer who represented the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 and came 21st with 14 points.Dan Bittman is the lead singer of Holograf, since 1985. Since November 2004, he is the host of "D?nutz S.R.L.", a TV show on TVR 1.Between 1984 and 1985, he was the lead singer for hard rock band IRIS.

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