BirthdayAugust 1, 1912

Celebrity biographies

  1. About Damien Parer

    Full name: Damien Parer
    Also known as: Damien Parer, Parer, Damien Peter, Damien Peter Parer
    Professions: Cinematographer, Camera Department
    Occupation: Australian cameraman and award-winning war cinematographer

  2. Damien Parer Death information

    Died: Sunday, 17th of September, 1944 (Age: 32)

  3. Damien Parer Biography

    Damien Peter Parer (1 August 1912 – 17 September 1944) was an Australian war photographer. He became famous for his war photography of the Second World War, and was killed by Japanese machine-gun fire at Peleliu, Palau. He was cinematographer for Australia's first Oscar-winning film, Kokoda Front Line!, an edition of the weekly newsreel, Cinesound Review, which was produced by Ken G. Hall.

  4. Damien Parer Family

    Spouse: Elizabeth Marie Cotter
    Childrens: Damien Parer

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