BirthdayJanuary 18, 1953
BirthplaceGävle, Sweden

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  1. About Dag Malmberg

    Full name: Dag Malmberg
    Also known as: Dag Malmberg, Malmberg, Dag
    Professions: Swedish actor and director
    Occupation: Swedish actor and director

  2. Dag Malmberg Known for

    Sjätte dagen (1999), The Bridge (2011), Love and Happiness (2005), Easy Money (2010)

  3. Dag Malmberg Biography

    Dag Åke Sigvard Malmberg, born January 18, 1953 in Gävle, is a Swedish actor and director best known outside the Nordic countries for his role as Hans Petterson, a senior criminal police officer in Malmö, Sweden, in the Danish-Swedish TV series The Bridge.Malmerg studied sociology and history at Gothenburg University before turning to acting, working as first a dockworker before starting first as a stagehand and then assistant at the Gothenburg City Theatre. At 27 he started to study drama at the Gothenburg Theatre School.

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