BirthdayMay 23, 1946

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  1. About Cynthia Adler

    Full name: Cynthia Adler
    Professions: Actress, Miscellaneous Crew, Soundtrack

  2. Cynthia Adler Known for

    Knightriders (1981), She-Devil (1989), Down and Dirty Duck (1974), The Coneheads (1983)

  3. Cynthia Adler Biography

    Cynthia Adler - actress, award-winning socio-political satirist, and one of the top voiceovers in America - is married to actor John Henry Cox. Her credits include Knightriders, Bananas Is My Business, The Actress, Love, American Style, and others. Was most of the female voices in the animated feature "Fantastic Planet," and plays 'Lee's Mother' ...

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