BirthdaySeptember 13, 1941

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  1. About Cristina Pacheco

    Full name: Cristina Pacheco
    Also known as: Cristina Pacheco, Pacheco, Cristina
    Professions: Journalist, writer, interviewer and television personality

  2. Cristina Pacheco Biography

    Cristina Pacheco is a journalist, writer, interviewer and television personality who lives and works in Mexico City. While her journalism career began in 1960, continuing with regular columns in La Jornada, she is best known for her work in television, hosting two shows called Aquí nos tocó vivir and Conversando, con Cristina Pacheco, both on Once TV since 1980. Which these shows, Pacheco interviews notable people and profiles popular Mexican culture, which includes interviews with common people. She has received over forty prizes and other recognitions for her work including Mexico’s National Journalism Prize and the first Rosario Castellanos a la Trayectoria Cultural de la Mujer Award for outstanding women in the Spanish-speaking world.

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