BirthdayMarch 22, 1972
BirthplaceHollywood, USA

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  1. About Cory Lidle

    Full name: Cory Lidle
    Also known as: Cory Lidle, Lidle, Cory
    Professions: American professional baseball player

  2. Cory Lidle Measurements

    Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)

  3. Cory Lidle Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 11th of October, 2006 (Age: 34)

  4. Cory Lidle Biography

    Cory Fulton Lidle (March 22, 1972 – October 11, 2006) was an American professional baseball player. A right-handed pitcher, Lidle spent nine seasons in Major League Baseball with seven different teams. Lidle was killed when the small aircraft he owned crashed into a residential building in New York City.

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