BirthdayFebruary 6, 1946

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  1. About Claes af Geijerstam

    Full name: Claes af Geijerstam
    Also known as: Claes af Geijerstam, Geijerstam, Claes af
    Professions: Composer, Actor, Soundtrack

  2. Claes af Geijerstam Known for

    Ola & Julia (1967), Sixtynine (1969), Heja Roland! (1966), Gladiatorerna (1969)

  3. Claes af Geijerstam Biography

    Claes af Geijerstam (Swedish pronunciation: [?kl??s ??v ?j?i????am]; born February 6, 1946 in Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden), nicknamed Clabbe (IPA: [?klab??]), is a Swedish musician, radio personality and DJ who is mostly famous for his talent of rapid speech and his many years as a radio DJ.He is also known for his role as jury member on the popular Swedish version of Pop Idol during 2004-2006. After the 2006 season, he decided to leave the programme.Clabbe was part of the pop group Ola & the Janglers in the 1960s and formed the group Malta (later renamed Nova) together with Göran Fristorp. They competed in Melodifestivalen 1973 with the song "Sommar'n som aldrig säger nej." They won the contest over ABBA, who finished in third place with their song "Ring Ring (Bara du slog en signal)." As a result of that win, the duo represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1973, where they translated their song into English with the title "You're Summer (You Never Tell Me No)" and finished fifth.In 1979, Clabbe was sound engineer for ABBA's North American and European tour.

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