BirthdayJune 2, 1967
BirthplaceMassachusetts, USA

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  1. About Chris Lehane

    Full name: Chris Lehane
    Also known as: Chris Lehane, Lehane, Chris
    Education: Amherst College
    Professions: American political consultant
    Occupation: Political consultant, crisis communications expert, lawyer, author

  2. Chris Lehane Biography

    Christopher Stephen "Chris" Lehane (born June 2, 1967) is an American political consultant and crisis communications expert who has served as a lawyer, spokesperson and expert in opposition research for the Clinton White House, Democratic candidates for public office and various business, Labor, entertainment and professional sports organizations. A graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School, he was a lawyer and spokesperson in the Clinton White House where he and his current business partner Mark Fabiani were called the Masters of Disaster by Newsweek magazine for their part in a "rapid-response" team employed to respond to the increasing number of investigations of the Clinton Administration. In 2012, Lehane co-authored a book on damage control titled Masters of Disaster published by Palgrave, MacMillan's academic imprint. He also wrote and produced the film Knife Fight, a political satire acquired by IFC and released in January 2013.

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