BirthdayJune 19, 1982

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  1. About Chris Barber

    Full name: Chris Barber
    Also known as: Chris Barber, Barber, Chris
    Professions: Art Department, Art Director, Production Designer
    Work: Chris Barber
    Occupation: Musician, songwriter, bandleader

  2. Chris Barber Known for

    Casino Royale (2006), I Can't Think Straight (2008), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Dangerous Parking (2007)

  3. Chris Barber Biography

    Donald Christopher 'Chris' Barber (born 17 April 1930) is a British jazz musician, best known as a bandleader and trombonist. As well as scoring a UK top twenty trad jazz hit, he helped the careers of many musicians, notably the blues singer Ottilie Patterson, who was at one time his wife, and vocalist/banjoist Lonnie Donegan, whose appearances with Barber triggered the skiffle craze of the mid-1950s and who had his first transatlantic hit, "Rock Island Line", while with Chris Barber's band. His providing an audience for Donegan and, later, Alexis Korner, makes Barber a significant figure in the British rhythm and blues and "beat boom" of the 1960s.

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