BirthdayNovember 8, 1887
BirthplacePark City, USA

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  1. About Chester Withey

    Full name: Chester Withey
    Also known as: Chester Withey, Withey, Chester
    Professions: American actor and film director

  2. Chester Withey Death information

    Died: Friday, 6th of October, 1939 (Age: 51)

  3. Chester Withey Biography

    Chester "Chet" Withey (8 November 1887, Park City, Utah - 6 October 1939, California) was an American silent film actor, director, and screenwriter. He participated in the production in total of some 100 films.Born in Park City, Utah,the son of Chester Henry Withey and Mary E. Kelso, Withey started his career in silent film as an actor in 1913. He starred in films such as the 1916 film The Wharf Rat. He married Virginia Philley, a screenwriter, who also did some acting.However, by 1916, he had already directed several films and decided to concentrate on work behind the camera. Withey was also accredited with writing for 15 films.He retired from film directing in 1928 and died 6 October 1939.

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