BirthdayJuly 18, 1875
BirthplaceSacramento, USA

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  1. About Charmion

    Full name: Charmion
    Also known as: Laverie Vallee, Vallee, Laverie
    Professions: trapeze artist, strongwoman
    Work: Laverie Vallee - Genealogy Project Page of Theodore J. Hull

  2. Charmion Death information

    Died: Sunday, 6th of February, 1949 (Age: 73)

  3. Charmion Biography

    For other and similar uses, see Charmian (disambiguation)Laverie Vallee née Cooper (July 18, 1875 – February 6, 1949), best known by her stage name Charmion, was an American vaudeville trapeze artist and strongwoman whose well-publicized suggestive performance was captured on film in 1901.

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