BirthdayDecember 9, 1920
BirthplaceLivorno, Italy

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  1. About Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

    Full name: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
    Also known as: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Ciampi, Carlo Azeglio
    Education: Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
    Professions: tenth President of the Italian Republic
    Residence: Rome, Italy
    Work: Former President of the Italian Republic

  2. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Biography

    Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkarlo adˈdzɛʎʎo ˈtʃampi]; born 9 December 1920) is an Italian politician and banker. He was the 49th Prime Minister of Italy from 1993 to 1994 and was the tenth President of the Italian Republic from 1999 to 2006. He is currently a Senator for life in the Italian Senate.

  3. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Family

    Spouse: Franca Pilla

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