BirthdayJanuary 19, 1866
BirthplaceRoskilde, Denmark

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  1. About Carl Theodor Zahle

    Full name: Carl Theodor Zahle
    Also known as: Carl Theodor Zahle, Zahle, Carl Theodor

  2. Carl Theodor Zahle Death information

    Died: Sunday, 3rd of February, 1946 (Age: 80)

  3. Carl Theodor Zahle Biography

    Carl Theodor Zahle (19 January 1866 in Roskilde – 3 February 1946 in Copenhagen), Danish lawyer and politician; prime minister of Denmark 1909-1910, 1913-1920. In 1895 he was elected member of the lower chamber of the Danish parliament, Folketinget, for Venstrereformpartiet. A campaigner for peace, in 1905 he co-founded Det Radikale Venstre together with other (mostly pacifistic) disgruntled members of Venstrereformpartiet. He continued on as a member of Folketinget for Det Radikale Venstre until 1928, when he became a member of the upper chamber of parliament Landsting. In 1929 he became Justice Minister, a post which he held until 1935. From 1936 until 1945 he was a board member of nationwide daily Politiken.

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