BirthdayJune 15, 1935
BirthplaceNew York City, USA

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  1. About Buddy Young

    Full name: Buddy Young
    Also known as: Buddy Young, Young, Buddy
    Professions: American football player

  2. Buddy Young Death information

    Died: Saturday, 1st of January, 1983 (Age: 47)

  3. Buddy Young Biography

    Claude "Buddy" Young (January 5, 1926 – September 5, 1983) was an American football player. A native of Chicago, he was Illinois state champ in the 100-yard dash. The 5'4" Claude "Buddy" Young, also known as the "Bronze Bullet," had exceptional quickness and acceleration. He is one of the shortest men ever to play NFL football. As a track star at the University of Illinois, he won the National Collegiate Championships in the 100 and 220-yard dash, tied the world record for the 45 and 60-yard dashes (6.1 in the latter event), and was the Amateur Athletic Union's 100-meter champion.

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