BirthdayApril 30, 1941
BirthplaceProvidence, USA

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  1. About Buddy Cianci

    Full name: Buddy Cianci
    Also known as: Buddy Cianci, Cianci, Buddy, Vincent A. Cianci, Jr.
    Education: Villanova University
    Professions: American mayor
    Residence: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
    Work: FBI Press Release Relating to fall-out from Plunder Dome

  2. Buddy Cianci Biography

    Vincent Albert "Buddy" Cianci, Jr. (/si?├Žnsi/, see-AN-see; Italian pronunciation: [?t?a?t?i], CHAHN-chee; born April 30, 1941) is an American politician who served as the Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island from 1975 to 1984 and again from 1991 to 2002. Cianci is the longest-serving Mayor of Providence, and one of the longest-serving "big city" Mayors in United States history, having held office for over 21 years.Notably, he was forced to resign from office twice due to felony convictions. His first administration ended in 1984 when he pleaded guilty to assault. His second stint as Mayor ended when he was forced to resign following his conviction for racketeering conspiracy (running a corrupt criminal enterprise), and he served four years in federal prison.Cianci was first elected Mayor as the candidate of the Republican Party. While in office he declared himself an independent, and as of 2009 he said he had no party affiliation. In June of 2014, Cianci announced, on his radio show, that he would run for Mayor of Providence.

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