BirthdayApril 7, 1928
BirthplaceAlbany, USA

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  1. About Bryant Haliday

    Full name: Bryant Haliday
    Also known as: Bryant Haliday, Haliday, Bryant
    Professions: American actor

  2. Bryant Haliday Known for

    Horror on Snape Island (1972), Devil Doll (1964), Voodoo Blood Death (1965), The Projected Man (1966)

  3. Bryant Haliday Death information

    Died: Sunday, 28th of July, 1996 (Age: 68)

  4. Bryant Haliday Biography

    Bryant Haliday was born in Rhode Island and spent time in an English Benedictine monastery. Entering Harvard to study international law, he became involved with a group of students who were interested in putting on plays. He caught the acting bug and abruptly gave up law to become a man of the theater. They bought an abandoned church, converted it...

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