BirthdayOctober 6, 1948
BirthplaceChicago, USA

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  1. About Bruce Elliott

    Full name: Bruce Elliott
    Also known as: Bruce Elliott, Elliott, Bruce
    Professions: American writer

  2. Bruce Elliott Measurements

    Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)

  3. Bruce Elliott Known for

    Diner (1982), Head of State (2003), In Our Lives (1980), Kennedy (1983)

  4. Bruce Elliott Death information

    Died: Monday, 1st of January, 1973 (Age: 24)

  5. Bruce Elliott Biography

    Bruce Elliott (1917-March 21, 1973) was an American writer who wrote mystery fiction, science fiction, and also worked as a television screenwriter. He was also a magician.Elliott was the writer of 15 Shadow stories that appeared in "The Shadow Magazine" between 1946 and 1948. These stories are held in low regard by Shadow fans because of Elliott's atypical handling of the character, best exemplified by the 3 stories in which the Shadow does not appear in his costumed identity.Elliott contributed material to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, including the acclaimed werewolf story "Wolves Don't Cry" (1954) and a comic fantasy about Satan, "The Devil Was Sick".In November 1972, Elliott was hit by a taxi and lapsed into a coma. He died 4 months later.

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