BirthdayMay 5, 1914

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  1. About Brown Derby

    Full name: Brown Derby
    Also known as: Brown Derby
    Professions: Actor

  2. Brown Derby Known for

    The Queen of Spades (1949), Sweeney Todd (1947), The Lass Wi' the Muckle Mou (1953), The Omega Factor (1979)

  3. Brown Derby Biography

    The Brown Derby was the name of a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles, California. The first and most famous of these was shaped like a man's derby hat, an iconic image that became synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was opened by Wilson Mizner. A chain of Brown Derby restaurants in Ohio are still in business today.The chain was started by Robert H. Cobb and Herbert Somborn (a former husband of film star Gloria Swanson). It is often incorrectly thought that the Brown Derby was a single restaurant, and the Wilshire Boulevard and Hollywood branches are frequently confused. Gus Girves started the Brown Derby chain in Ohio as Girves Brown Derby in 1941.

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