BirthdaySeptember 27, 1945

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  1. About Brian King

    Full name: Brian King
    Also known as: Brian King, King, Brian
    Professions: Bishop of the Western Region, Sydney

  2. Brian King Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 22nd of November, 2006 (Age: 61)

  3. Brian King Biography

    Brian Franklin Vernon King (3 January 1938 – 22 November 2006) was an assistant bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.King was educated at Sydney Boys' High School and the University of New South Wales. After studying at Moore Theological College he was ordained in 1965. He was a curate at Manly and then rector of Dural. After further incumbencies at Wahroonga and Manly he was appointed Bishop of the Western Region (Sydney diocese) in 1993. He was also concurrently bishop to the Australian Armed Forces. He retired in 2002 and is married to Pamela King.

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