BirthdayJanuary 17, 1939

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  1. About Bredo Greve

    Full name: Bredo Greve
    Also known as: Adolf Bredo Stabell Greve, Greve, Adolf Bredo Stabell
    Professions: Director, Actor, Writer

  2. Bredo Greve Death information

    Died: Monday, 30th of March, 1931 (Age: 7)

  3. Bredo Greve Biography

    Adolf Bredo Stabell Greve (28 June 1871 – 30 March 1931) was a Norwegian architect.He was born in Hamar as a son of Mathias Sigwardt Greve (1832–1912) and Blanca Olivia Juell (1836–1918). He was a brother of Ulrikke Greve and first cousin of Georg Greve. In October 1902 in Helsinki he married Esther Hougberg (1878–1939), a daughter of the Finnish Senator Sven Wilhelm Hougberg.His main works are Norges Brannkasse (with H. Jürgens, finished 1897 and demolished 1977), the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (with I. O. Hjorth, finished 1904) and the Norwegian Institute of Technology (finished 1914).

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