BirthdayNovember 13, 1960

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  1. About Brady Hicks

    Full name: Brady Hicks
    Also known as: Brady Hicks, Hicks, Brady
    Professions: Philadelphia Broadcast Journalist

  2. Brady Hicks Measurements

    Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)

  3. Brady Hicks Biography

    Brady Hicks is a Philadelphia area journalist, radio personality, blogger, columnist, wrestling reporter, professional wrestling manager, play-by-play commentator, color analyst, and occasional Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer.Over the years, Hicks has penned thousands of columns, features, and news stories, and starred in weekly radio programs and podcasts such as his own IN THE ROOM program, formerly of WEXP Philly, VOC Nation, formerly of WNJC, the DimpleDate Dating and Relationship Advice show, Jay V Mail, and About 12 Minutes.

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