BirthdayMarch 7, 1923

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  1. About Boris Korneev

    Full name: Boris Korneev
    Also known as: Boris Korneev, Boris Vasilievich Korneev, Korneev, Boris
    Professions: Art Director, Animation Department, Art Department

  2. Boris Korneev Death information

    Died: Monday, 24th of December, 1973 (Age: 50)

  3. Boris Korneev Biography

    Boris Vasilievich Korneev (Russian: ?????? ??????????? ????????; 15 February 1922, Petrozavodsk, Soviet Russia – 24 December 1973, Leningrad, USSR) – Soviet Russian painter and art teacher, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, lived and worked in Leningrad, regarded as one of the major representatives of the Leningrad school of painting, most famous for his genre painting and portraits.

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