BirthdayJuly 21, 1955

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  1. About Boris Dittrich

    Full name: Boris Dittrich
    Also known as: Boris Dittrich, Dittrich, Boris
    Professions: Dutch politician and gay rights activist

  2. Boris Dittrich Biography

    Boris Ottokar Dittrich (born 21 July 1955 in Utrecht, the Netherlands) is a human rights activist, former Dutch politician and writer.Dittrich's father came to the Netherlands as a political asylum seeker from Czechoslovakia in 1948, he became a professor in Eastern-European history at the University of Utrecht.Boris Dittrich grew up in Utrecht and went to law school at Leiden University. He worked as a lawyer in Amsterdam from 1981 till 1989 and later as a judge in the district court of Alkmaar from 1989 till 1994. Dittrich is married to the Dutch / Israeli sculptor Jehoshua Rozenman.

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