BirthdaySeptember 21, 1900

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  1. About Boris Bilinsky

    Full name: Boris Bilinsky
    Professions: Costume Designer, Production Designer, Set Decorator

  2. Boris Bilinsky Known for

    Monte Cristo (1929), Sarajevo (1940), Amore imperiale (1941), Volpone (1941)

  3. Boris Bilinsky Biography

    Left Russia in 1920 because of the Revolution and settled in Berlin (Germany) where he used to work for several Russian theatres. Moved to Paris in 1923 and worked whith the ALBATROS production Company in Montreuil. From 1930 he also worked for some Russian Ballets (Bronislava Nijinska, Nicolas Evreinoff, Boris Romanov, Monte-Carlo). He married an...

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